Christopher Bartler, CO-FOUNDER

Christopher Bartler

Christopher Bartler, CO-FOUNDER


As Co-Founder of Paramount Wellness Retreat, Christopher Bartler wanted to take his years of professional expertise in finance, banking, and acquisitions and apply them to a bold idea: the perfect addiction recovery treatment center. He realized that its location would be crucial, as well as the top tier accommodations of the recovery campus itself, and the passion and expertise of its personnel. The sleepy town of Haddam, Connecticut proved to be the ideal locale, with its Rockwellesque charm, woodsy atmosphere, and the proximity to the Connecticut shoreline and Connecticut River. Being an avid fan of being on the water (boating, swimming, surfing, and fishing) Christopher knew that such leisure activity could seamlessly be woven into the activity plans and curricula of the PWR programme. By recognizing that the institution is only as good as its team, Christopher is thrilled to have assembled a dream team with the extraordinary leadership of Dr. Ravi and his staff. He also prides the facility on its low bed count and specialized ratio of staff to patient: ensuring that each individual is treated with significant attention and care by a renowned team.

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