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Editorial Policy

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The Importance of An Editorial Policy

An editorial policy or process is the guiding principle that influences any content or resources that are written, edited, and shared by our team, including both web and print media. Our standard for educational material is high and promotes accuracy and integrity with every publication.

Three primary elements of our editorial policy communicate our commitment to patient-first care and education; Paramount Wellness is committed to providing content that:

  • Stays within the scope of our field
  • Has been vetted for accuracy
  • Meets our ethical standards of respect, transparency, and accessibility

Our Editorial Process

Industry Relevance

Our treatment facility works hard to identify and deliver educational materials on key topics related to the substance abuse and mental health fields. These topics include alumni success stories, new innovative treatments, practical coping skills, and media updates.

Qualified Contributors

From clinicians to leadership, every resource is created by or with subject matter experts who provide a factual, objective perspective on relevant topics. Based on our knowledge of treatment, therapy, and the recovery process, we can give our patients and families access to the highest quality resources.

Quality Content

The goal of all materials will be to provide useful information, patient and family education, and treatment awareness. By offering highly practical and top-quality content, we can help you cut through the noise online and bypass less-than-reputable sources.

Editing and Reviews

After it’s created, each piece will be medically reviewed. We want patients and families to have the utmost confidence in the accuracy of what we publish. In addition, all content should be informative but accessible and easily understood.

Ongoing Content Reviews

The scientific medical community moves quickly. It’s important to stay on the cutting edge of the latest interventions and shifts in the efficacy of treatment. Our editorial staff will regularly review and alter published information to correct any outdated information as new insights are gained.

We Welcome Your Feedback!

If you have encountered resources associated with Paramount Wellness that do not meet our ethical standards or appear to be inaccurate, please contact our team right away so it can be amended.