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A Note From Our CEO, Joshua Zeises

Welcome to the quiet countryside of Connecticut! We chose this spot to launch our retreat-style recovery center because of its beauty and peacefulness, far removed from a sterile, hospital-like environment.

Those are the types of facilities myself and my team worked in for years – and what most people associate with “rehab.” While they’re not without merit in some cases, we know them to be uninspiring and ineffective.

Recovery should be a life-changing experience that enhances your quality of life and changes the trajectory of your future.

We founded Paramount Wellness to create something wholly unique. To offer unequaled treatment and an alternative experience that advances holistic, soul-centered healing.

A Relationship-Driven and Healing Focused Team

The journey of mental health and substance abuse recovery is complex and challenging. In order to ensure your success, it’s critical to have the best possible support available. We’ve hand-selected a diverse and experienced team of highly qualified professionals to provide premium-level care for every person who walks through our doors.

With a full continuum of care, evidence-based treatment, and out-of-the-box holistic healing interventions, our goal for you goes beyond sobriety and symptom management. We want to facilitate whole-person healing for a lifetime of wellness. We want to help each and every one of you restore balance in your mind and in your body to rediscover new and exciting possibilities every day. Welcome to the paramount of recovery. Welcome to Paramount Wellness.


Recover With Us and Heal From The Inside Out

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